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Zinc is a soft, easily fusible metal, used by man since ancient times. It serves as a part of various alloys, is used in the production of dyes and its presence in the diet is essential for the proper development of the body.

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Zn granules 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm ZN300051
Zn granules 1000g 99,9999% 1mm-5mm ZN300066
Zn rod Ø 20mm 99,9999% Ø20mm x 1000mm ZN300186
Zn granules 1000g 99,9999% 4mm-10mm ZN300081
Zn granules 1000g 99,999% 2mm-4mm ZN300046
Zn pellets 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm ZN300096
Zn pellets 1000g 99,9999% 1mm-5mm ZN300111

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