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PLATINUM - Sheets & Foils

Platinum is a very heavy and chemically extremely resistant precious metal of silver-white color.

High-grade, durable, malleable and ductile metal, electrically and thermally medium conductive. In nature it occurs mainly in pure form.

Due to their mechanical properties and chemical resistance, platinum and especially its rhodium and iridium alloys are used to produce durable chemical dishes for decomposing samples by melting or high temperature combustion. In the glass industry, it is the basic material of special furnaces for the production of optical fibers.

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Pt foil 0,2mm 99.99% 0,2mmx20mmx50mm PT780187
Pt foil 0,2mm 99.999% 0,2mmx20mmx50mm PT780202
Pt foil 0,5mm 99.99% 0,5mmx20mmx50mm PT780192
Pt foil 0,5mm 99.999% 0,5mmx20mmx50mm PT780207
Pt foil 0,2mm 99.99% 0,2mmx50mmx100mm PT780188
Pt foil 1,0mm 99.99% 1,0mmx20mmx50mm PT780197
Pt foil 0,2mm 99.999% 0,2mmx50mmx100mm PT780203

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