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Lead is a heavy toxic metal that has been known to mankind since ancient times. It has a very low melting point and is malleable even at room temperature and resistant to corrosion.

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Pb rod Ø 20mm 99,9999% Ø20mm x 1000mm PB820186
Pb granules 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm PB820051
Pb granules 1000g 99,9999% 1mm-5mm PB820066
Pb granules 1000g 99,9999% 4mm-10mm PB820081
Pb rod Ø 20mm 99,999% Ø20mm x 1000mm PB820166
Pb granules 1000g 99,999% 2mm-4mm PB820046
Pb pellets 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm PB820096

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