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Nickel is white, ferromagnetic, malleable and ductile metal. It serves as a part of various alloys and for surface protection of other metals against corrosion. Due to its toxicity, its practical use is gradually reduce

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Ni rod Ø 20mm 99,998% Ø20mm x 1000mm NI280124
Ni granules 1000g 99,998% 2mm-4mm NI280034
Ni granules 1000g 99,998% 1mm-5mm NI280044
Ni rod Ø 20mm 99,998% Ø20mm x 500mm NI280119
Ni granules 1000g 99,998% 4mm-10mm NI280054
Ni pellets 1000g 99,998% 2mm-4mm NI280064
Ni pellets 1000g 99,998% 1mm-5mm NI280074

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