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Copper is a noble metallic element of reddish color, used by man since ancient times. It is characterized by very good thermal and electrical conductivity, good mechanical processing and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. It is an essential part of a series of very important alloys and extremely important for electrical engineering.

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,99% 0,2mmx150mmx200mm CU290190
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,999% 0,2mmx20mmx50mm CU290202
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,99% 0,2mmx100mmx150mm CU290189
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,9999% 0,2mmx200mmx300mm CU290221
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,9999% 0,2mmx150mmx200mm CU290220
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,99% 0,2mmx50mmx100mm CU290188
Cu foil 0,2mm 99,9999% 0,2mmx100mmx150mm CU290219

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