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Aluminum is a very light metal of whitish gray color, a very good electrical conductor, widely used in electrical engineering and in the form of alloys in the aerospace industry and many other applications.

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Al granules 1000g 99,9995% 2mm-4mm AL130051
Al granules 1000g 99,9995% 1mm-5mm AL130066
Al granules 1000g 99,9995% 4mm-10mm AL130081
Al granules 1000g 99,999% 2mm-4mm AL130046
Al pellets 1000g 99,9995% 2mm-4mm AL130096
Al pellets 1000g 99,9995% 1mm-5mm AL130111
Al granules 1000g 99,999% 1mm-5mm AL130061

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