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Antimony is a semi-metallic element, known to mankind since ancient times. It is used as a part of various alloys, used in the production of electronic elements, dyes and ceramic materials.

Name Purity
Purity details
Shape information
Sb granules 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm SB510051
Sb granules 1000g 99,9999% 1mm-5mm SB510066
Sb granules 1000g 99,9999% 4mm-10mm SB510081
Sb pellets 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm SB510096
Sb pellets 1000g 99,9999% 1mm-5mm SB510111
Sb pellets 1000g 99,9999% 4mm-10mm SB510126
Sb pieces 1000g 99,9999% 2mm-4mm SB510246

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